Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Saturday Soap Box

I have started having a pretty regular flow of traffic. Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate every one that stops to take a look.

I feel really passionate about Little Boxes Of Joy.

There are so many of us that are hurting for one reason or another. There is someone out there that has lost a life time partner, her best friend or a child, maybe a parent. She's lost her job or broke an arm. Lost a custody battle for no good reason. A single parent with the bills stacking up. Feeling like we are fighting a loosing battle, because we have fought the good fight for so long and our reserve strength is waning. There are a lot of us that have alienated ourselves
from most of the out side world. Whether it be, from fear of being hurt or that our lives are too busy, or we have moved and it takes time to make friends. There are a myriad of reasons for which we might feel alone and hurting. 

I want to reach out to those women (to you), anonymously, and let them know that they are not alone. That there is still people who give a damn. To replenish their reserves by saying: "Someone cares". To let them know that their are still people who want to show love, without them having to return it. I want to make them feel special for no reason at all, WITHOUT there being a catch 22.

I have now had reports through the grapevine from all three (blogged about) boxes. They get it. They understood that this was all about love. Each one made the comment that they wished they knew who it was so that they could do something for them. While this warms my heart and the reports give me the affirmation that I am doing the right thing, I STILL want to remain anonymous. I want them to know what it feels like to be loved and appreciated without feeling obligated to return the affection or gift.

Even though I have remained anonymous even till now, there may come a time when I would no longer be able to hide. We know how large the net is. I will be transferring everything over to my other blog where I will be COMPLETELY anonymous.

I will need everyone to help to continue to get the word out. That blog is Which means that you will know who it is and can continue to come visit me and will know when you see a post on Facebook who it is but the rest of the world won't know. I know this sounds a little unorthodox and I may loose people out of fear that it is a hoax. So I ask you to keep coming back and share me on Facebook and leave comments, that is what will give validity to this, I feel. I may be wrong, but only the test of time will prove me, I know that. People don't get it when someone wants to do something for free for someone they don't know, without compensation of some sort. I assure that this is for real and that I am for real.

I shared How This All Got Started in a post with that title name. Please read it: it should explain a lot for you.

There are millions hurting all over the world. I understand this and it breaks my heart to see so much pain. You cannot turn on the TV without seeing it every where. But I am choosing to help OUR women HERE. Our Mothers and Sisters and Daughters, our best friend, our No Friend, our Co Worker, our Women IN the Military, our Military Wives, Ex-wives and Single Mothers. Women are the BREAD of the home. We sustain and keep everything going, we nourish, cherish cradle and coddle, we love Fiercely and gently and sometimes quietly. We are that opponent that NO ONE wants to dare mess with. But after a fashion, we run DRY.

I am by no means saying that men don't count. They are as important as the air we breathe. I just do not know how to reach out to them, Right Now. I am leaving the doors open for that, it might happen in the future just not right now. I am taking this one day at a time.

Please remember: to suggest someone go to the contact form in the left hand column. It is always kept private and goes to my email only. Your information and theirs is always kept private.

To leave a comment (which I would truly appreciate) and let me know you visited. Go to the box at the bottom of any post and click on the word "Comments."

It would help me with the blog to let me know a few things like: Is it easy to navigate? Is it immediately understood what this blog is about (content)?

Or is it difficult to follow or leave a message? ANY help or insight would be extremely helpful and appreciated. Please remember I am a fledgling when it comes to All of this, not just the blog. 

Running, Panting
along on my path.

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