Friday, May 1, 2015

How This All Came About or ( In The Beginning) Or (BOX #1)

When I am feeling good I make things. It's just what I do. When I make something for some one I just focus on Love.  It keeps me sane. It helps me recover. When I broke my right wrist almost 4 yrs ago The specialist told me I would only get about 60% usage or mobility back. No! That was unacceptable, I would sneak into my craft room and play. I would intentionally work with glitter and paint. Paying attention to the smallest details. I would create situations where I had to pick up tiny beads, or place small threads just right. I was determined that I was not going to lose the ability to do what drives me.
I would call her (A Dream) and whisper about what I was doing so as not to wake up anybody in the house, it was usually in the middle of the night and I didn't want anyone to tell me not to push myself. I had to! I would not accept less of myself.  I happily ended up with around 95% of it back.
Looking back. Some of that stuff looks like grade school but it is good enough for me. It helped me heal.

My friend in Texas that I loved to do Rock Art with. We would draw and dream and carve in stone. Now that I live way up here, and her way down there, things are completely different. Neither one of us can hold a dremel and do that anymore. But, we still Art. 

I love to send her a box at least once a year. I missed her birthday last year, because we were packing the house up to move back to Texas. So I figured I would just take her box back with me. That didn't happen, we are still here and her box is still in storage. 

I had sent her a picture of a wreath thinking she would really like how woodsy and natural most of the components were. I was not expecting her to say that she really thought "the flowers were awesome". (I learn more about her everyday).
A few days went by. Then it just dawned on me that I should make some and send them to her. Especially since I hadn't made her birthday box. I had never made any of these particular type of flowers and had kind of been looking for a reason 
excuse to. 

Flash forward and I had made the flowers and since I was sending her a box I could stuff it with things that I had worked on this last year and put in pretty papers , and some stuff I wanted to share with her that I thought she would enjoy. I decoupaged the outside of the box in a pretty map paper that I thought she would like. I have the worst memory ever so I don't remember everything I sent to her. But I know I paid close attention to how I wrapped everything. Because, she especially enjoys beautifully wrapped things. It could be a plain old chocolate bar but if it's wrapped in pretty paper she just loves it. She appreciates the candy bar too, but more if it's wrapped pretty. 

She called me when she got the box and just went nuts over it. She REALLY went over board on the praise. I was just trying to show her that she is really important to me and that I cherish our friendship.There was nothing expensive in there. Just some simple things that I had made. But, it made her feel loved. (Mission accomplished) while she was opening the little packages she exclaimed "wouldn't it be wonderful if some one got something like this anonymously. How precious it would make them feel". 
And so... the idea was born. I had heard her. It would not let go of me. It just held on and I kept hearing her words and how happy she was. I actually thought about it for awhile trying to figure out how I would accomplish this. Until I couldn't hold it in any longer. She had no idea that she had inspired me or moved me like this. I love her so dearly and she does challenge me and inspire me in so many ways . But this was one of the biggest AHA moments for me ever. I hadn't, or maybe I had ,shared that I had been trying to figure out MY purpose, MY part in this world. 
I have tried the idea of volunteering and /or getting out into the community to help. But with my Fibromyalgia the way it is That makes me the most undependable person on the planet. I want to Sooo bad. I have even scheduled my self for some dates. Only to wake up and not be able to get out of bed or even downstairs. It's taken me a while to accept this part of myself .

But this would be how I could let a few women know that they are Valuable, Loved, Cherished and Appreciated. That maybe they would get from it what they needed, not necessarily what I thought they needed. When I shared with her that "it was her that had started all of this" she was shocked. She didn't remember saying anything. I believe because,it was inspired and so innocent. She loves people so purely and sweetly and that is just one of the things I love about her(there are many more). She has been My gift, she has pressed upon me that I am loved I am cherished and appreciated, she is a very best true friend. 

NOW, Today,
This is where YOU come in, I need Your help to reach Women. Ya'll are the ones out there every day. You know who is hurting and needs some glimmer, hope. Some one that needs to be reminded that she is worthy, loved and appreciated. Someone who is in pain emotionally or physically.Someone grieving. I need help reaching out to these women. I can't find them by myself.

I dedicate this to her.

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