Sunday, April 19, 2015

How do you Art?

Since the beginning of my new projects, I have been paying more attention to my process…Trying to gain, maybe a better understanding of myself…Looking a little deeper to the layers of me. I have always known that I like Quiet. I don't mean A space void of noise; on the contrary, I like to hear what's going on around me. I enjoy the birds, the train, flowers growing... I gravitate towards natural noises (ha ha! I know a train isn't natural). This does not mean that I don't like music or TV:  It just means that they generally clutter my clouds. 

Coming from a country girl perspective, I can work with natural noises. Or I can block them out. Somehow a bird song lifts me up… Helps me levitate my thoughts.  A cow, lowing, can bring me down to earth. Same with natural scents. Something heady like a rose can perpetuate a dreamy state; whereas, the smell after a rain grounds me and I will want to work with burlap or some other rough or natural fiber.

Each one of these mood altering sensations can affect my art, sometimes, in many ways. It can compel me to work with particular type of materials. I may want to work with organza if I am smelling a heavy flower scent or after a rain.

What I've learned so far is that I am extremely sensitive to my surroundings. The feelings in my space. I like to burn candles and listen to music that lends itself to the material or even style of my creations. 

My mood when I enter my art room also has a huge impact on what I do that day. If I am feeling particularly feminine on any given day, my crafts will definitely be more girlie and tend to be some shade of pink. Or if I'm feeling rockstar-ish I'll lean more towards graphics and darker colors. So... this effects what I will focus on that day.

If the way I am feeling is not in alignment with a piece that I am working on, then I will likely focus on creating elements that I can use to create something else further down the line. For example, this past week I did a lot of stuff with my cuttlebug:  I grabbed a variety of papers, my die cuts, thinlets and embossing folders, set up my table, got out my binder where I keep all of my cut paper, and went to work. And I made a huge mess. I also stamped a bunch of tissue paper and brown craft paper which I then use to wrap my gifts in. I may not have finished anything: but now I have a whole lot of small intricate pieces to use at my whim, which will make the creation process flow better somewhere down the line. 

I am absolutely in love with this Stampendous Dahlia stamp.
Makes me want to break out my Crayons! 

I used Tim Holtz frayed burlap on this stamp.
I didn't allow myself to get stuck on perfect alignment here.
This was about getting paint to paper, not perfection.

See that stack of tissue paper? I got all of it done. 

This is some of the paper that I used for the last box.
Just random stamps. The focus here was to fill up the whole page.

Sometimes this is me taking a break and putting things together in my mind. Taking a break, doing something that takes enough of my attention that it moves my mind off all of the clutter going on in my head, clouding my clouds.

I know if I put my art down or away then it is completely stifling a major part of who I am. I have noticed that when I walk away from my art I am walking away from myself, and the end result is that nothing gets done, I stay stuck! I stay stuck in my problems and usually seem to stay in them for longer. 

I don't have to be creating anything major, usually, Putting is enough. Moving things around in my art space. Organizing is one of my favorite past times. I love to play with textures, so sometimes I just like to refresh my memory and pull out ALL of my material. I enjoy the textures and soft muted colors. I adore visiting my crocheted doily collection. I ponder the ladies who created such incredible small beautiful works of art.  

So... what do you do when you are not in the frame of mind to create? 

How do you go about resolving issues: do you stay artsy or do you take a break altogether?  

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  1. I love books. I enjoy flipping through pages and dreaming, believing I can draw or paint or make that! And sometimes, I really can. Sometimes not. But I am never disappointed that I try. Even a flop is fun.