Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Box #3 (Tags)


The first set of tags are made from burlap sandwiched between linen and paper. I then stamped on the linen and punched holes with twine for hanging. Fun Fun!
The second set was made from an 1800's book that we found at an estate sale. I love that birdcage stamp. I think I would put it on everything if I could. 
The third group is made from new (new to me) sizzix die cuts. I had sooo much fun cutting these out. The paper has a coordinating design on the other side.
The set with the crown on top is some artist sketch paper that I had tea dyed in large amounts, let it dry, then stamped it and then cut out. The little bundle wrapped in twine is mostly handmade Indian paper that I had purchased at Joann's about a year ago. They were already cut into 1 inch squares. Just perfect for tags or small journal cards.

There is much more to share but it will be over a few days. I tried so hard to get this all on one post, but the technically challenged person that I am could not get all of the pictures aligned properly. So if you can't beat them, then, go around. HaHa! I win.

This box (box #3) was a little bit more difficult because my little birdie did not have very much information on the lady(All they knew was that she had had a really tough year).  So this meant that I was in a state of not knowing exactly how to go about approaching this box. I already knew that I wanted to use fabric this time; but other than that, I did not have a clue. So that meant  there was only one thing I could do: I sat quietly and meditated on her name.

I felt like a had a pretty good foundation and started out with a neutral pallet in mind; but If you check back a few days from now and see everything that went into her box, you will see that a lot of color ended up in it, along with a few different styles. I'm okay with that. 

I may never know how well this box was received, how it made her feel, or if I was even close to the mark. I have to let my Father be in control of that. I feel like I listened. I try not to think too awful hard on (getting the box perfect) while I'm putting it together. I just try to enjoy the creative process and focus on LOVE. Love for the person that it will eventually end up with. Gratitude for the lives she has touched. Humility in knowing that this world is SO big that I may never meet this important person (We are ALL Important). I will always remember her as box #3 (needs a new nickname). She will always hold a soft spot in my heart that is only hers. I will wonder how she is doing and offer prayer for strength for her. I will hope that her raging river has calmed and that she can take time to breath and feel peace. 

the path I have chosen

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