Monday, March 23, 2015

Today I Will

This morning I have been reflecting on Thankfulness.

Remembering when the girls were little,
the smiles and giggles.
That pure belly laugh unlike any other.

being  so much more than thankful
being given
time to recuperate,
my heart and soul.

That first sunrise
that you can see and feel
after a loss
so huge
you think
you will never see anything again.

my first
grandchild for the very first time
and  every time after that.

When my grown children
still say momma
the way they did when they were kids.

waking up in the morning
to a beautiful hot steamy cuppa
in MY cup
on My night stand
just waiting for Me
made with love every morning
and I'm still amazed!
It's Christmas every morning it's there.

When a
bird that has meaning for me
lands on my deck railing
at that exact moment
I needed IT.

Hearing the sweet birds
out of my art room window
reminding me
that the next season of my life
is coming with Spring arriving
and finding in my soul that
I am once again excited for it.

Being Thankful
for the ability
to feel thankful

I am curious, so please indulge me.

What are you thankful for today?

What is it that moves You?

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