Saturday, March 28, 2015

The creator in me

I don't wanna
Stop to do the laundry, because, I'll loose my focus.
but if i don't who will?
Fix dinner, because, I'm in the zone.
pack up all of my art stuff.
This is my greatest fear.
I have SOooo many ideas.
what will happen to them if I pack up everything.
It's not the same drawing out an idea or even jotting it down. I can't seem to put on paper what my mind is seeing. Things don't happen on paper like they do in real time. There are problems to be worked out. That can't be done on paper. You don't know what you will encounter until you arrive there.
Go to bed when I'm supposed to. I want to keep going while the ideas are fresh in my mind.
Do the dishes. Who want's to do that? when you can
play with glitter ,glue, wax, paper, stamps, paint, ....

Enjoying the red road


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