Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Newest Project (Little Boxes Of Joy)

So, I am not really the best at selling my stuff. I'm not the best with the computer, as y'all will find out , so selling  , for me is more of a chore and ends up taking all of the joy out of what I created . It is going to be a difficult road for me learning to navigate my own blog. Heh Heh! Though I am getting better!

What would be the ideal for me (my dream) is to create, create, create. And somebody else sell it. I have been fighting this for years. I have no one particular Craft or Art area that I fit into. I just love to make things and make people happy. I have had brick and mortar stores that I loved in a few states I have lived in, and before they could really get off the ground it was time to move. Finding the best flea markets or craft and art fairs can be a tricky thing. And I am not usually ahead of the game enough to have product made for the Christmas Rush or any other Rush. But I do so love the interaction with people.

So I have been pondering what (I Wanted To Do) I was going to focus on. Essentially, what was I doing with my life? You see, I'm one of those people that has to be Motivated. My muse sometimes takes long, long vacations and leaves me at home. In the meantime life gets in the way; and before you know it , it's been a month before I have actually done anything. Bleh...

Back to my pondering. I decided I am going to make (little boxes of JOY): this solves a few of my problems, I'll explain later. Packed with all sorts of Yummies, Like lace and gift tags and handmade flowers. OK, I'm getting ahead of myself. I want y'all to message me privately and tell me about someone that you feel needs a little joy in their life. I will need details about them . Things they like. Like their favorite movie, favorite color. Favorite holiday. For example: do they like chocolate or tea? Do they like steam punk or Shabby chic? Just anything you can tell me about them. Everything will be handmade or altered. Then I will make a box of goodies. No perishables, I won't be sending food. After that I will send out the box, but it will be anonymous. They won't know who it's coming from. It will have a little note in it that will tell them ("Someone thought you needed a little joy in your life right now..."). Actually I have made another post with questions that you can answer for me. There is a contact form on the left side of the blog page. You can use this to (Privately) contact me with all of the information that I need. These messages will remain private . 

So how does this solve my problems? This takes care of 7 of them in one fell swoop. Wink Wink! (1) I get to make things; (2) I get to make people happy without them feeling indebted to reciprocate (that's why the anonymous); (3) I get to challenge my self to make new things; (4) make those new things; (5) use what I have in my stashes which will also (6) make the hubby HAPPY; (7) This has also kept me motivated. I am better at creating things for others than I am for myself. Does any one else have this problem?

As I go along on this new adventure I will post my good stuff and my fails, with maybe a tutorial thrown in for good measure. If you see something that I have made and want to know how then leave a post and I will do a tutorial on it or will let you know where I got my inspiration or directions from. 

Thanks so very much for dropping by. Hope to see you soon. 

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