Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Little Boxes Of Joy Questionare

What is her favorite:
Television show
favorite actress or actor
Style of music, her favorite radio station?

What would be her dream career?
Chocolate or potato chips? (favorite food when she's in need of a pick me up)

Steam Punk or Shabby Chic? (what is her decorating style?)

Does she have a hobby or does she like to craft and if so what ?

Introverted or an extrovert?

How old is she? A teenager 30/ 40/ 50 something or more? (I don't need a very specific age)

Does she have children?
Are they little or grown?

Does she like burlap, lace, leather or suede ?

Where would she go if she could?

Does she have something she collects like angels, fairies, hearts or anything else?

If you know: what is her favorite thing about her self.
What is YOUR favorite thing about her?

Here I should add that if they are allergic to either dogs or cats then maybe I am not for you. I have 3 dogs and 1 cat that are in my studio at all times. 

Just tell me as much as you can without going too deep, remember to always keep her privacy. Don't tell me something only you should know about her.
If you can, it would be helpful  to know a little about what is going on. I would hate to send something inappropriate to the situation.
Has she recently lost her job, broke up with a spouse, or a friendship dissolved? Again, nothing too detailed is necessary.

Remember to include a shipping address in your message. 
These are just questions to help give me an idea of the types of things that she likes. It wouldn't do to just make a box of things that she would open and be puzzled by just because the contents aren't who she IS.
If you are more comfortable just giving me her initials, or even last name only, that's fine.

I will never contact this person.
I will not send anything else to her after this one" box of joy".

Remember this is sent anonymously on my end. 
If you, at any point, decide to share that you are the one that prompted this, then that is your decision.
If you leave me a way to contact you, once I have finished the box, I can send you an email or text to let you know I am ready to send the box. This would also be a easy way for me to confirm that her delivery information is correct. 
I will not be able to send a package to every name that I receive. I would love to be able to, but there is only one me.


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