Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kitchen project

One of our projects for getting the house ready to put back on the market was the kitchen set. I had bought the table at Goodwill and the two mismatched chairs from the other 2 resale shops in town.

I could not decide on a color to paint the chairs or if I even wanted to paint the vintage drop leaf table. I did know that the chair seat had to be recovered and a little padding added, it was darned uncomfortable to sit in.

I guess at this point I should tell you that almost the entire house of furniture has been in storage for about 9 months now. Uff!! We were hoping that the new/old furniture would go with the house in the sale.

Chairs in their original state.I have to admit here that I am the worst at setting up for pictures. Or even remembering to take them at all.

I can't seem to keep my shoes on when I'm painting.
I threw in the little sewing footstool a
 vintage writing box and a few other pieces that
 I will show later on (that I've had for a year or more)
My motto is "While I have the paint out..."

I used a homemade chalk paint mixture that I tweaked. I personally have noticed that I have to adjust the measurements with almost every project. I believe that is due to using different brands of paint. Or sometimes the same brand but a different type of paint within that brand. I have not tried the sanded grout recipe or the baking soda, either. I like the Plaster of Paris recipe. Plus, I always have some on hand. 

Anyway, I LOVE chalk paint. I'm learning to be patient, but not there yet. Chalk paint cures quicker. The paint goes a long way, which makes the thrifter in me so happy. A cup of paint covers a lot of space. 

Mr. Angel recovered the seat and the stool for me. I used some blue burlap that I had on hand. It tied into the trim color that I used in the kitchen. The stool (for now) is upstairs in the art room. I will share the update next time.

Thanks so very much for dropping by and I hope to see you soon.

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