Friday, April 3, 2015

How do you Art?

I was pondering this question while I was trying to pack up a Little Box Of Smiles. What started the pondering is that I was looking at my pile of to do tomorrow stuff. I have gathered a bunch of ribbon and some material I had torn to be ribbon. I was considering getting down on the floor to pull out stamps to go on said ribbon material and then I started the pondering. OOF! that was a lot of words to get to the point.

Do you pull things out the night before, with something in mind for the next day.

Or do you just keep that idea in mind for the day next?
When Ever that might possibly be?

You see with Fibro:
1) I have the worst memory on the planet.
2) I may not get to it the day next or it could even be a week, sometimes it's been longer.
3) Life gets in the middle. Not in the way; just in the middle. After a flare up or down, however you look at it, because I am most definitely not Up during a flare.

SO... this is how I fixed that!
I go about pulling things out of drawers and cabinets compiling my to do list and putting them in smallish or mediumish size containers of all sorts; sometimes the container is according to whatever suits my mood, or maybe the mood of the project. Then they get put, if I'm feeling exceptionally good, on my clean desk, ready for the next day. Or in a box, in a pile in the middle of my space, ready for the next day.

The little boxes are my post-it notes to myself, my day planner of sorts, because I can never find the real day planner. This works best for me. I've had to learn that the hard way. Some artist or crafters have an art journal of some sort to keep their ideas in, this never works for me. I can't draw to save my life . My drawings scare stick men! I don't write enough descriptive words down to get my idea across to my own self later, obviously: I can prove that! I have notes from 2 weeks ago that I can't remember what the heck I was thinking: let alone the ones I have from 5 years ago. " Lord, please help me, help my stupid self". So the post-it note boxes idea just happened. Honestly, until today, I don't think that what I have been doing really sunk in until my Pondering.

And now that my to-do list is all boxed up; I can go to sleep knowing I haven't forgotten anything. Well, at least, as far as the studio is concerned.

So, again, I ask:
Do you pull things out the night before, with something in mind for the next day, Ever?

Or do you just keep that idea in mind for the day next?
When Ever that might possibly be?

Enjoying my journey.



  1. You need a studio with a house. (As opposed to a house with a studio.) I'm anxious to see what all you do, one day, when / if ... IF you ever stop moving (I mean relocating /changes homes) and set up a studio that you walk into & feel instant soothing warmth. Maybe one table for in process things & the other always cleared at days end. So when a new fresh idea hits, you can simply go for it. As for organizing Thoughts for future products - take a pic, email your self -the things you have in process if you get interrupted... so it can be put up but out of sight will not be totally out of mind then. Ta Da.
    ~ A Dream

  2. Love the title question of this post.

  3. Dear A Dream,
    So you've helped me "see the light". I have been going about buying a home in completely the wrong manor . I need to be looking for a studio with the house attached. Kind of like in Texas where you buy the Barn with a house on the property. Ha! Your a Genius !
    I do take pictures a bunch esp. as prompts and inspiration. On my phone i have albums with, to do's, in process ,and finished. Though I don't always remember they are there.
    I will Keep your awesome ideas in mind when looking for another "studio".
    Would't it be lovely to have enough room to have different stations set up?