Friday, February 6, 2015

Boxes of Joy (clarification)

So, I'm not sure that I made my intentions clear. Sometimes what sounds good in my head doesn't always seem clear on paper.

My "Little Boxes of Joy" are FREE to you. There are no charges. This is something that I am wanting to do as MY Give Back. I have felt led to do this. And thankfully Mr. Angel is on board. The longer you stick around you will understand why I call him My Angel.

Soon, hopefully I will be able to share how this project got started; but for now, please understand my heart. This is something that I want to ,need to, do. There are a lot of people out there that need some joy, however small. They need to be reminded that there are people that care and that someone is thinking of them and their happiness. Even when they feel the world is against them.

 I would love to volunteer, but am not reliable enough. What I mean is that having Fibromyalgia, I cannot guarantee someone that I can be where they need me to be or do what they need me to do. I cannot guarantee that I will wake up in the morning and be able to function. Bleh!

Onward to happier things. Having said that. I am choosing this as my volunteer work.I have always dreamed of being a philanthropist, but have never been quite well enough off that I could afford it. So this is the closest that I can come to at the moment and I hope that you will help me to realize my dream.

My goal is to send one out one box a week. That is, 52 Boxes of Joy people. So I need 52 names. I'm so excited! There will be times during the year that I will send a Box Of Joy to a reader that offers up a recipient. Yep, that means that some of my lucky readers will get their very own little box. So keep checking back in on me and my progress. 

I will post pictures of the goodies after I send each box out. So that you get a glimpse of exactly what it is that I'm doing. As a matter of a fact I have one due to go out in a few days. SO  I will be posting pictures as soon as it is in the mail.

Please join me on this journey

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